Giving ideas visibility  

At Concepts Captured, we listen meticulously, joining words, icons and visual metaphors to create a vivid, large-scale record of key ideas, detailed content, patterns and themes for meetings of all kinds. Unlike traditional documentation methods, graphic recording actively engages participants to explore big issues and arrive at new thinking.

When people gather to ask questions that matter, their shared knowledge and individual experiences can generate genuinely fresh ideas. But, groups and teams sometimes need a little objective help from outside the organization to be effective and get the most from their interactions.

Visual facilitation is a better way to think about what you're doing and a better way to see where you're going.  

                                  "I highly recommend Teresa's creative approach. The final product was a valuable, easy-to-understand record of the meeting's content." - Betty Kildow, Kildow Consulting

 "When people can see what they are doing, their learning and group analytical abilities take quantum leaps."- David Sibbet, The Grove Consultants International